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People News Time was established in 2015 with a straightforward conviction – to make world-class media items and administrations. Our main goal comes from the conviction that buyer experience is basic to our prosperity. The People News Time group endeavors to make different associations with the Punjabi people group in Mohali. To do that, People News Time commandants and strategists wear various caps, think disturbance, and reexamine themselves consistently. People News Time continues reckoning their peruser’s inclinations through careful work, ceaseless development, and consistency in quality.

At People News Time, thoughts once in a while bite the dust, since we energetically have confidence in the opportunity to oppose this idea. We trust in keeping the conduits of ideation open constantly. We are not subsumed by it; we liberally give each thought enough incubation time regardless of the possibility that it implies forking out time from our everyday work.

People News Time offers an extensive variety of elements, front page toon, week after week star, critique and suppositions, and in addition week after week stories and elements on expressions, travel, business, games and wellbeing.

In Mohali, especially in the Punjab, the assessed number of Punjabi Community is around 200,000 –and developing. This huge number of Punjabi people group shapes our objective readership.

Insights Mohali ‘s late figures demonstrates that in Punjab there are 75 talking dialects among them Punjabi 29% is the most talked and most read dialect.

Punjabi Community is the most obvious minority assemble in India people group in Mohali and even in Indian Politics they are emerging of the group, Out of 3.7% Indian there are 1.4% Punjabi.