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Need for surgical strike inside India to nab rapidly increasing devil rapists, else women need to hold guns in hands to seek justice

After the big decisions like surgical strike on Pakistan and demonetization, there is a need for the surgical strike on the orders of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to eliminate the devil’s from society prevailing inside the country to put a stop on the rapidly increasing rape cases in India. As the crime against woman is the biggest and increasing crime in India as India is becoming the rape capital of the world. The lackluster attitude of the legal fraternity and poor implementation of the laws has only made this crime bigger. Even after a worldwide renowned rape case of Nirbhaya in 2012 nothing has changed much due to the late justice in the case. After eight years one more juvenile has taken the birth to spoil the life of an innocent girl. As on the night of Chocolate day on Valentine’s week, February 9, a 20 year old girl was raped in the outskirts of Ludhiana by 10 men from which one was a juvenile just like in the Nirbhaya case. For two lovers who went to spend quality time with each other on Valentine weekend turn out to be a never ending nightmare in their lives. Its the time for government, police and judiciary to wake up else girls will have to hold guns for their own justice like “Phoolan Devi” This incident has once again raised the eyebrows of the country towards the heinous crime of rape prevailing at large in India.

The other cases in which innocent girls infact lost their lives such Kotkhai brutal murder rape case of a school going girl, which shows that even Holy Land of God Himachal Pradesh  has also not remain deprived of this brutal crime. Nirbhaya Rape case in 2012 was a shame on the name on the society, it was one of the brutal rapes in the world. It shows what sick minded men are existing in the social set up of this country. There is endless list of increasing rapes in this country, which are just reported numbers, the cases which go unreported exits nowhere. In the recent past, cases of school girls being raped by male teachers and teenage girl raped by local boys while coming back from school so now where should  parents send their girls to teach.  They are not safe even in their surroundings these days so where is this country going. It’s not a sign of progress,  but a knock at the door for a need of a great  revolution to stop this menace. ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ campaigns would never have real success or meaning till the girls are not safe in this society. This is biggest reason of female fetid also as people dont want to bring daughters in this world fearing their security in the prevailing situation of the society. Till the time woman is not safe such campaigns are of no use in this society.

surgical strike  justice rape India Modi

From an infant to an old woman no one is safe in this country now. Every day numerous rape cases are coming forward from different parts of country  but no stern steps are being taken by the concerned authorities to control the situation and to ensure the safety of woman I’m country.  Even number of movies are highlighting this incredible crime against woman but no positive outcomes.  Even ‘MOM’ movie last year touched this very sensitive issue to wake the masses and Indian Government, which is in the  slumber regarding  security of woman in India. Even late Sridevi shared with media during the release of ‘Mom’ movie that this role has changed her as  a mother and person as she is also a daughter of two girls. Modi is being considered as one of the most powerful Prime Minister worldwide who is the only hope for female section of society to do something  stern  against the  increasing crime against woman in  India with each passing mainly rape cases.  But with each passing day this crime is getting  bigger and brutal  leaving female section of society unsafe to move in society  and to work also . It’s one of major hidden reasons behind increasing female feticide and dowry cases in the country. Infact there is a need for the society also to wake up over it. The upbringing of the boys in the home should be such that they should respect the woman since their childhood and people instead of pointing fingers on girls dresses and character should focus on napping and blaming the rape Devil’s for doing such a heinous crime.

surgical strike  justice rape India Modi

The time has gone so worst in terms of security that parents even feel fearful to send their girl child even to their schools and known ones where the situation was better in older times. If soon nothing would be done to control this increasing crime day is not far away when girls would start feel suffocated in this county and would have no option than to raise guns in their hands for their safety and justice in life. It’s a country where a goddess is worshiped in the different festivals, but her replica in form of women are being raped and molested on the roads and homes of this land.  From Aruna Shaunbaug nurse rape case 30 years ago to Nirbhya rape case four years not much has changed in this country for the safety and security of woman, though safety of woman in this country has gone bad to worst in country. Despite of these worldwide known rape cases incidents no hard punishment has been given to the culprits of their victims which turmoil life girls.The molestation case in the Bengaluru on New Year’s Eve has raised eyebrows of whole country including the big wigs and B-Town celebrities. But just by showing the sympathy with family of the victims and by raising fingers against the Government nothing is going to get right until and unless strict implementation of the laws could be done in this regard other than raising sons in a better manner in this country by the family members.  But just with the safety there is a dire and immediate need to do some surgical strike to put stop on this increasing crime to make future of woman better in this country.

surgical strike  justice rape India Modi

Instead of blaming the dresses the strict action in this regard is the need of the hour as girls wearing suits and other dresses have also become victim of this crime. Not only by wearing western or short dresses. Even mother of ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case New Delhi victim, Asha Devi rues, “My daughter did not get Justice”, which allegedly shows handicapped judiciary in this regard.Not just strong laws but strong implementation of laws is needed otherwise the day is not far away when woman in this country has to hold guns in their own hands for safety. As no one is coming for their rescue outside and inside homes where they are victimized. Prime Minister of India must take some stern acts on increasing rape cases in country as Modi is the only hope of the country in curbing the crime against woman in India. Infact rape “Survivors” not rape “Victims” should not stay behind the four walls, but should come forward to fight for their justice against and expose the devil ‘rapists’ in front of the society.

surgical strike  justice rape India Modi

Data of Rape Cases

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
18233 18359 19348 20737 21467 21397 22172
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
24,206 24,923 33,707 36,735 34,651 38,947


41,280 Not complied yet

Source: Google 
(Various Newspapers)

surgical strike  justice rape India Modi

Nidhi Bhanot (Writer)


Principal Correspondent

Need for surgical strike inside India to nab rapidly increasing devil rapists, else women need to hold guns in hands to seek justice first on Latest Punjab News, Breaking News Punjab, India News | .

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